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Veterinary Ophthalmology Services

Eye Care For Animals FacilityThe doctors and staff at Eye Care for Animals are dedicated to providing a safe, effective and timely ophthalmology service to our pet patients, their owners, and referring veterinarian. We collaborate with area specialists such as neurologists, dermatologists, dentists, and surgeons when needed to treat animals with congenital, hereditary, and acquired (traumatic) eye diseases. We strive to provide the most modern, technologically advanced, state of the art animal eye care in the United States. Our patients include companion animals including canine, feline, avian, equine, and pocket pet species. We also work closely with local and state supported wildlife rehabilitation groups, as well as, provide services for the local zoos in our practice locations.

Our facilities are designed with patient care and comfort in mind. Each facility includes multiple exam rooms, diagnostic areas, and modern surgical suites. Patient safety is of utmost importance and each surgical suite is equipped with advanced monitoring systems to insure your pet will have a safe anesthetic episode. Monitoring systems include: closed circuit gas anesthetic machines, electrocardiology to monitor heart rate and pulse, blood pressure monitors, ventilation systems and monitors, including carbon dioxide monitors to insure your pet is breathing well, and pulse oximetry to monitor each patient’s blood oxygen levels.

Diagnostic equipment available to your pet includes biomicroscopy, indirect ophthalmoscopy, electroretinography, ultrasonography, applanation tonometry, and fluorescein angiography. Our equipment also includes operating microscopes to allow intra-operative magnification, phacoemulsification units for the removal of cataracts, and various cryo-surgical units for the treatment of glaucoma, eyelid abnormalities, and tumor treatment. We also feature carbon dioxide and diode direct and indirect laser equipment for the treatment of glaucoma, as well as retinal reattachment procedures.

At Eye Care for Animals, we want to work with you and your referring veterinarian to provide your pet with the highest quality of life, comfort, and care.

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